Exterior Property Wash

External building wash, roof treatment and concrete surface rejuvenation.

All aspects of external property wash from Heritage houses such Kinder House built

1857 2 Ayr Street Parnel, Onehunga -Laishley House; built in 1858, through prominent apartments in Remuera located on 2 Bassett Road to large shopping malls such as 500 Ti Rakau Drive Botany.

External biodegradable wash including the following:

Biodegradable detergent CT18 applied to the surface. After a while washed down using low-pressure wash (1200 psi not closer than 15 cm from the surface).

Method: Semi high-pressure chemical treatment for the removal of “unsightly” lichen, fungi, algae and moss as well as build up of the organic and inorganic debris from the cladding, soffits (Canopies and windows. – Collection of the waste water to comply with ACC regulations.

Gutters cleaning are usually free of charge during property wash

Rainwater low-pressure system ready then  Auckland Drought Restrictions take place again.

Hard Surface clean is performed using a pressurised scrubber. Our scrubbers work on water pressure between 3000-4000 PSI. Therefore, most of the organic residue is ecologically removed from concrete/ wood and stone surfaces. Oil spills can be removed using a chemical stain removal system.

Roof Treatment immediate effect- all infestation /black mould/lichen/algae’s are removed during that procedure, please see brief description/explanation below:

The first stage of treatment -Low-pressure application of Biodegradable chemically based treatment for the removal of “unsightly” and visible lichen, fungi, algae and moss from the roof.

Cleaning agent: The Safest Cleaner for the Environment, water activated releases oxygen which makes the stain invisible, then continues cleaning to remove the stain, killing the moss/lichen spores. Chemically based composed of Sodium Percarbonate and Phosphate free TSP, just like OXYCLEAN on steroids, over 85% sodium percarbonate but with safe detergents and surfactants added. This is environmentally safe, Non-toxic, Contains no Hydroxides, Chlorine Bleach or Acids. Simply eco-friendly version of the Bleach and TSP approach. Breaks down into Water, Oxygen and harmless washing Soda. The second stage of treatment After (approx) 30 minutes all treated area is washed down (just water) with pressure water brom.

Slow release biodegradable spray treatment also available.

Short videos roof hard wash,

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