All aspects of property maintenance, renovation and repair (excluding electrical and plumbing that can be contracted to our trustworthy Plumbers and Electricians)

Painting/Waterproofing Accredited Dulux Painters and Sika & Bostic Waterproofers

Method of application including but not limited to - Spray paint, traditional brush and roll.

From small ceiling repaints in the bathroom to large apartment complex external repaint.

Waterproofing of small bathroom to a large external deck’s.

External and internal preparation

Paint Shaver©, Alderson© sanding and Festool © mechanical paint removal systems own and used :

Multiple layers of paint can be removed from weatherboards using the diamond blade rotary system with a Hepa vacuum. Even lead paint can be removed easily without any harmful side effects on the environment. Or Wet sanding thanks to Alderson© sanding system that preventing any sanded particles be airborne and great Festool© diamond paint grinder with an efficient vacuum system.

Tiling and Glass balustrades

From small alteration to large office and Body Corporate areas

Tiled decks and acrylic/glass balustrades.


Exterior cladding, decks, fences, retaining walls alterations and repair.

Bathroom/Kitchens new, upgrades and alteration.

Demolition and assembly of new kitchen cabinetry, new combo or walk-in showers

List of jobs recently completed together with photos available upon request.

Body Corporates - access control and security, razor wire, shark tooth, security gates car park marking, stainless steel letterboxes, doors and gates.

External biodegradable property wash gutters clearing wash,

Roof Treatment immediate effect- all infestation /black mold/lichen/algae’s are removed during that procedure, optional slow-release biodegradable spray – is also available.

External / internal window cleaning:

We use a proven telescopic water pole system to clean windows from the ground up to 15 meters without the need of using expensive scissor lifts/cherry pickers.

Interior windows clean- traditional method “squeegee and rubber” Ettore system.

Pest Control

Bird’s protection systems, cleaning of affected areas and installation of consulted deterrent solutions.

Spider’s control treatment Long-term spider control, spider webbing removal.

All charges include materials, labour and are based on previous jobs completed since 2008 as well as on the comparable data from



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